Tucson Area Mountains Offer Beauty and Recreation

The Tucson, Arizona area is surrounded by lovely mountains. Everyone notices their silhouettes every day. They form a striking outline in our clear sky. The mountains surrounding Tucson, Arizona have brought folks to the area for many years. Everyone enjoys the scenic beauty. Nature lovers and outdoor recreation enthusiasts have been, and continue to be, drawn to the Tucson area and its majestic mountain ranges.

There are many custom homes and housing communities built to take advantage of the incredible views Tucson's mountain ranges provide and to provide easy access to the mountains.

The Catalina Foothills is an area in the NE section of Tucson that's a perfect example of this. This area sits on the edge of The Santa Catalina Mountain range which boasts the highest peak in the Tucson area, Mt. Lemon, at 9147 feet above sea level.

The Catalina Foothills is a wonderful place to live or own a second home. The area boasts many amenities, high-end living, a diverse, educated demographic, and lovely homes and housing communities.

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There are five main mountain ranges in the greater Tucson, Arizona area:

1.  The Santa Catalinas – Located on Tucson's north side, this range is stunning. Tucson's highest peak, Mt. Lemon, is in “The Catalinas” topping out at 9147 feet above sea level! These hearty mountains are within The Coronado National Forest. They hold Catalina State Park – https://azstateparks.com/Catalina. Numerous, incredibly beautiful hiking trails are located in The Santa Catalina Mountain Range.

2. The Tucson Mountains – Located along Tucson's west side, this range is where Saguaro National Park West is located. Saguaro National Park West (and East) is something to behold. The dense forest of Saguaro cactus is truly amazing. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum ( https://desertmuseum.org/ ) is located in The Tucson Mountains as well. And, the famous A-Mountain is located here brandishing the giant “A” overlooking Tucson and The University of Arizona. The Tucson Mountains are the location of countless Western movies and Old Tucson ( https://oldtucson.com/ ). The lovely Tucson Mountain Range is a fantastic area to recreate and/or own a home.

3. The Tortolita Mountains – Bordering the northern edge and northwest edge of the Tucson Valley, the Tortolita Mountains are located in the towns of Marana, Arizona, and Oro Valley, Arizona. The Tortolita Mountain Range is the smallest of Tucson's mountain ranges. It offers lovely hiking and mountain biking trails. Alluvial fans, canyons, peaks and valleys, and rugged terrain are all features of The Tortolitas.

4, The Santa Ritas MountainsThis range is located on Tucson's south side and boasts Mt. Wrightson (peaks at 9000 ft.) and Madera Canyon. Madera Canyon offers incredible hiking within its forest. This area is also part of The Coronado National Forest. Invigorating trails zigzag throughout The Santa Ritas. The Santa Ritas are known for bird-watching. It's a beautiful area to recreate. Cabins are available to rent.

5.  The Rincon Mountains – Tucson's east-side mountains are The Rincons. They are also part of Coronado National Forest. Saguaro National Park East is located in The Rincons. Colossal Cave is also located there and is one of the largest dry cave systems in the world (https://colossalcave.com/).

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Tucson's mountain ranges are affectionately termed The Sky Islands. The Sky Islands make the Tucson, Arizona area distinctive. There's a completely different biome in the mountains compared with the Tucson Valley. Recreational opportunities are numerous. And, the silhouettes they provide are simply stunning.  

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