Sam Hughes Historic Neighborhood In Tucson, Arizona

Sam Hughes Neighborhood

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One of the older and more desired residential neighborhoods in Tucson is the Historic Sam Hughes neighborhood.

Development in Sam Hughes neighborhood started in 1921 and the enclave was named for local business leader Sam Hughes, who was instrumental in establishing Tucson's public school system. Significant neighborhood features include Sam Hughes Elementary and the 24-acre Himmel Park and Himmel Park Branch Library.

Within the bounds of the neighborhood is one of Tucson’s nicer parks–Himmel Park. The park is a great family area and it’s wonderfully not-sketchy .. compared to some of Tucson’s other parks! Along with a great park, the neighborhood boasts a public library which is walking distance away from anywhere in the neighborhood. Next to the park is an Eegees. The longer you live in Tucson the more important proximity to an Eegees will become. Getting groceries is no problem with the Safeway in the neighborhood.

While 16 architectural styles are represented, the majority of homes are constructed in the Spanish eclectic style. The average Sam Hughes home value is $526,187, up 1.3% over the past year.

Designated as a historic district in 1994, Sam Hughes evolved over 35 years, according to documentation nominating the neighborhood as a historic district. Half of the historic homes were built during a construction boom lasting from 1923 until 1932.

Today, the neighborhood is composed of more than 2,000 residences, businesses, schools, and places of worship. Some of the homes are close to their original condition. Others have undergone extensive remodeling. Area residents rate Sam Hughes Neighborhood very highly in surveys in regard to Amenities, Commutes, Health and Safety, and Schools.

The neighborhood is nicely situated, but that perk comes with a drawback: it’s a bit pricey. You can find more affordable places in Sam Hughes, but they tend to be very old. While older places are not necessarily a problem, they do tend to have rickety floors and lower water pressure, among other issues. Buying an older home in a Historic Neighborhood can be very exciting and offer many opportunities for the homeowner as far as rehabbing and renovating goes.

Sam Hughes a quiet neighborhood, but it’s not that quiet. You can throw parties but keep the bass turned down or you will get a noise complaint.

In Sam Hughes, you won’t find any university-affiliated housing. If you want pre-furnished places or shuttles to take you to school, you’ll be out of luck. That being said, there are convenient bus lines so don’t let the lack of shuttles discourage you. Sam Hughes neighborhood is located a convenient distance from much of what you might want to visit in Tucson, so walking isn’t a real problem, but you’ll want to avoid walking in the heat of summer. Fortunately, Tucson is a cycling city, and the city busses run through the neighborhood, with bus stops located throughout. You can even find TEP e-bikes in a stand on the corner of 6th Street and Tucson Boulevard.

If you’re looking to eat or drink close to home, you have plenty of options: Tucson Tamale Company, Zemams, Rocko’s Little Chicago, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Allegro II, Bob Dobbs, and Miss Saigon for restaurants, and bars such as Trident Bar and Grill, Red Garter Saloon, Native New Yorker, Dirtbag’s, Sidecar, and again, Bob Dobbs.

Sam Hughes is roughly bounded on the North by Speedway, and the South by Broadway, with Campbell and Country Club on either side. The Same Hughes neighborhood is defined by E Broadway Blvd to the south, N Country Club Road to the east, E Speedway Blvd to the north, and N Campbell Road to the west.

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