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Menlo Park


The Menlo Park neighborhood of Tucson is generally accepted by residents and experts as being the original birthplace of the city we call Tucson.

Menlo Park is the area between Downtown Tucson and the Santa Cruz River to the East, and Sentinel Peak (A Mountain) and Tumacoc Hill to the West.

Archaeologists and Historians agree that evidence points out a solid 4,000 years of human habitation in this specific area (thanks to the Santa Cruz River having water in those bygone days), along with proof of hand-dug irrigation canals for agricultural purposes. Less specific evidence suggests that earlier indigenous groups lived in this area as much as 11,000 years ago.

Touted as a ‘pleasing contradiction’, the historic neighborhood of Menlo Park offers a bit of upscale, modern appeal with century-old features. For over 4,000 years, people have constructed homes and harvested food in the Tucson area. Spanish settlements, early pit houses, and now, modern, chick luxury-living properties represent the timeline and life of this Tucson area.

The Menlo Park district is a west-side neighborhood, nested at the base of “A” Mountain – a.k.a. Sentinel Peak. This adjoins the bustling downtown area and is the foundation of the deep roots found in Tucson.

Menlo Park has an active Neighborhood Association (not an HOA), which works to integrate the needs and desires of the residents with those of the City of Tucson. You can find their website at

Menlo Park homes have now evolved into a type of Mexican barrio that is filled with more than 2,000 homes with varied architectural features. Some of the homes found in this district including prairie-style, ranch, post-war, bungalow, colonial revival, and, of course, modern. There is no question that there is a heavy Mexican influence here, which is seen on the facades of homes and buildings. This cultural uniqueness helps to add a sense of cohesion and color to the historic settlement.

Now is a great time to consider moving to the area, thanks to the many builders now working to erect new row houses, as well as single-family homes on lots that were otherwise idle during the recession.

Here’s a quote from a article: “It's close to downtown and yet because of the precious open space that exists, we have javelina, gray fox, bobcat, and great horned owls.” 

Menlo Park is headed toward again becoming a “15-minute neighborhood” — meaning that with walking and public transportation, someone can get everything they need to live as well as many nice amenities very easily.

An adjunct area of Menlo Park is a popular community gathering place that draws visitors from all over. It is the Mercado San Agustin Public Market. Opened in 2010, this shopping district feels like an Old World market square, with stone facades and sunny courtyards as the backdrop for a variety of retail and dining experiences. Experts say not to miss La Estrella Bakery, revered for their Mexican baked goods both sweet and savory. Family-owned and operated since 1986, the bakery also provides tours of its facilities with talks about Mexican culture and traditions. There are many nice homes near San Agustin's!

Whether or not this area is right for you depends on what you are looking for. While the town is located near the bustling area of downtown Tucson, it is a quaint and quiet community where you will be able to get to know your neighbors. The neighborhood is extremely family-oriented and offers quite a bit of Mexican architecture and appeal.

There are currently 23 homes (2 of those listings are vacant lots) listed for sale in Menlo Park. Asking prices on these listings vary widely, from $120K to $1.08M.

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